What Training is Involved when Purchasing a Franchise?

The big question for anyone who is interested in starting or taking over a franchise store is what kind of training will be involved. It’s important to remember when considering purchasing any type of franchise such as a UPS franchise for sale, you will have several weeks out of work and unpaid/unprofitable. The training time is five weeks on average. Then there is the additional time to set up your store and get it running. The training phases involved are as follows:

1.    Webinar training videos. In order to understand the message which the company wants to send to its customers and how to manage store operations, the company has set up a variety of web training videos which new business owners can watch to become accustomed to the company way.

2.    Store experience. It is necessary for all franchise owners to gain instore experience. They will be expected to work and learn all aspects of operations and system management through a Certified training center. The approximate time commitment is 45 hours. Most franchise owners will be able to train at a store local to them.

3.    Online business course and service training. During Phase 3, business owners attend a workshop on business etiquette, human resources, operations, sales, finances, marketing, and more. If you are interested in a UPS franchise for sale, this workshop may be in another state. This interactive experience is designed to teach even the newest business owners about all the things that they need to know to successfully operation their franchise.

4.    Store experience. The second phase of in-store experience lasts for five days. It is a test to see that everything learned during the San Diego seminar was remembered. This will also be conducted at a local facility certified for training.

Once you have completed all of the necessary components of your training, it will be time to get your business open and running.